Understanding hearing aid

Before use

The early wearers began to have the idea of ​​wearing a hearing aid after experiencing a period of "unclear" life. The wearer's "psychological barrier to wearing a hearing aid requires family members to work together to overcome. Everyone likes the beauty of wearing. Modern hearing aids have been designed according to the user's psychological factors. They have a design and look like Bluetooth headsets. Please use a professional hearing assessment and choose a suitable hearing aid. The encouragement and support from their family can make the wearer willing to try.

What is hearing aid?

Hearing aids are an aid used by hearing-impaired people to compensate for the damage caused by hearing loss. The hearing aid can amplify the received sound so that the hearing loss can hear the sound. It is a small sound expansion machine. Each user's hearing situation is different, and the demand for sound is different. The new digital hearing aids have a variety of functions, which can be adjusted and adapted to each user's hearing needs.


Hearing aid construction

The hearing aid has three basic parts: a microphone, an amplifier or a digital chip, and a speaker.
The main principle of the hearing aid is to collect sound through the microphone, amplify and process the sound through an amplifier or a digital chip, then output it through the speaker, and finally transmit the sound to the user's ear.


Hearing aid principle

With the advancement of technology, the development of hearing aids has been continuously improved, but the basic principle is unchanged. The sound in the environment is collected, amplified and transmitted to the eardrum through machine construction. After the external sound is received by a microphone, it is amplified by an amplifier. The amplifier can adjust the volume. After the amplification, the sound is transmitted to the eardrum by the headphone output.


Hearing aid type

Body aid
The shape of the hearing aid is like an MP3 multimedia music player. The shape of the hearing aid is light and convenient, and it is conveniently placed in the pocket. The sound output is sent to the earphone head through the earphone cable, and the earphone microphone can provide natural sound quality and sound collection effect.
BTE hearing aid
The body is lightly hidden behind the ear, and the sound output is connected to the earbud through a very thin tube. The function is diversified with a wide range of adjustment and voice function, suitable for people with light, medium and severe to severe hearing loss.
ITE hearing aid
Due to the different ear types of the user, this type is tailor-made for the user's ear. It is made into a machine according to the user's ear type. It has small volume and high privacy, and sports sweat is not easy to wet the body. It is suitable for mild to severe hearing. loss.

Hearing aid phase adjustment

When the hearing loss person is already accustomed to the inaudible condition, it may be easy to feel noisy when starting to use the hearing aid to listen to the required volume, so it is necessary to make regular and periodic adjustments in accordance with the user's hearing. Please note that the number of adjustments varies from person to person.

Advantages of hearing aids with both ears

Easily distinguish the direction of the sound

When wearing a hearing aid with both ears, it is easy to tell which direction the sound is coming from, and the sound is more stereoscopic and natural.
For example, you can easily tell which direction the car is coming from.

Easier to get a sense of volume

When wearing a hearing aid with both ears, you can listen to both ears and get good sound.
For example: Get more sound when wearing both ears.

Can also hear under noise

The hearing aids are worn on both ears, and the left and right ears can assist each other. In the noisy environment, the volume and voice clarity can be improved, the sound quality is fuller, more stereoscopic, more natural, and the hearing of both ears is balanced. It is also easy to communicate conversations in a noisy environment.
For example, in the case of TV noise interference, it is also easy to talk.

Can expand the range of hearing sounds

In the meeting, when the range of received sound is wider, it is easier to hear all aspects of the sound.
For example, wearing both ears hearing aid in a meeting makes conversation easier.


About the effect of wearing both ears

Because the hearing difference between the left and right ears is large, for some reasons, the effect and the stimuli of various conditions cannot be felt. Not everyone is suitable for wearing both ears. Please consult the otolaryngologist or Hearing aid stores for evaluation first.