Digital hearing aid function

Noise suppression NR(NOISE REDUCTION)

In a quiet environment, it can effectively reduce the background noise, which can reduce the noise of the session to a certain extent, thus improving the quality of listening.

Sudden impact sound suppression PNS(PULSE NOISE SUPPRESSOR)

The noise most commonly heard by users wearing hearing aids is usually the sudden noise (shock sound) that happens by chance in daily life and the impact sound of using the dishes. The PNS function detects these noises and mitigates these noise and shock to the disturbances in the conversation.

Feedback cancellation function(AFBC α)

The sound output from the hearing aid is repeatedly recovered by the microphone, and the continuous increase is the feedback sound.
(AFBC α) In order to suppress the feedback sound, there are two methods of reverse phase and frequency variation.
The combination of two can increase the gain by about 25dB.

SSS voice enhancement

SSS refers to the adjustment of the shape of the sound frequency spectrum, emphasizing the function of the bump. The frequency spectrum is very important for hearing the sound, and the SSS function emphasizes the contrast to make the sound easier to hear.

Either-way Circuit

The air battery used in the hearing aid is difficult to understand. If you put wrong side in the hearing aid, it will not only work, but also cause the hearing aid to be damaged.
Especially for users with visual deterioration and inconvenience to the hand, in order to make it easier to replace the battery, Rionet has developed a patented function called " Either-way circuit", which can be used normally in any direction.
I also received a lot of feedback from customers, and many customers said that it is very popular to replace the battery easily.
The “either-way circuit” is the exclusive patented feature of the Rionet hearing aid and is indispensable for the hearing impaired.