Steps to buying hearing aids

Steps to buying hearing aids

Come to the center for consultation

  1. Visit our hearing aid center, our staff will ask you about the situation and requirements, listen to the customer's living habits and the feelings of the hearing aid, choose the right hearing aid is very important.

Hearing test

Before choosing a hearing aid, we will do a hearing test and choose a suitable hearing aid after measuring it.


Let the guests try to wear the hearing aids, try to talk to us, listen to the conversation and the surrounding sounds, ask if the guests feel unpleasant or uncomfortable, and re-adjust the hearing aids.

Buying machine

If there is no problem for the fitting, we will teach the customer how to use it, how to change the battery and operate the hearing aid before buying.

After sales service

Hearing aids may cause abnormal sounds of hearing aids for many reasons, such as earwax or dust blockage, sweat penetration into hearing aids, etc. It is recommended that you return to the store every three months for regular maintenance, which will good for your hearing aid.
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