Hearing aid Q&A

Q:What is a hearing aid?

A:The hearing aid is an auxiliary tool used by the hearing loss to compensate for the damage caused by hearing loss. It can amplify the received sound so that the hearing loss can hear the sound. It is a micro-small sound expansion machine. Each user's condition and demand are different. The new digital hearing aid has a variety of functions, which can be adjusted and adapted to each user's hearing needs.


Q:What kind of hearing aids?

Body aids:
The hearing aid looks like an MP3 multimedia music player, which is light in shape and easy to put in your pocket. It is sent to the headphone head through the sound output to the headphone cable, so that the headphone microphone can provide natural sound quality and sound collection effect.
BTE hearing aids:
The body is lightly hidden behind the ear, and the sound output is connected to the earplug through a very thin tube. The function is diversified with a wide range of adjustment and voice function, suitable for people with hearing loss who are light, medium and severe to very serious.
ITE hearing aids:
Because the user's ear shape is different, this one is made for the user's ear. It is made into a machine according to the user's ear shape. It has small volume and high privacy. It is also difficult to wet the machine with sweat. It is suitable for mild to severe hearing. loss.

Q:Can hearing aids restore hearing loss?

A:The hearing aid is a machine that assists the hearing loss. It is not a hearing aid that can fully restore the previous hearing, but the correct wearing of the hearing aid can help the hearing loss to recover the hearing about 80%.

Q:If you don't wear a hearing aid, will the situation become more and more serious?

A:If the hearing loss is not worn by the hearing loss, the hearing loss will be aggravated by the lack of sound from the ear. Hearing aids can be used correctly by purchasing a hearing aid suitable for the user and undergoing professional hearing tests and adjusting for hearing loss. In cases with severe hearing loss, it needs to wear a hearing aid to slow down the hearing loss and improved.

Q:Do you need a hearing aid for both ears?

A:The binaural receiving range is wide, the directional effect is good, and the sound quality is more stereoscopic and natural.

Q:Why are hearing aids so expensive?

A:The price of hearing aids ranges from a few thousand dollars to ten of thousands dollars. The brand and function of each hearing aid are different. When you only need to hear the sound, other conditions are not required, you can choose a more basic model, but if you need the hearing aid to have multiple functions, or use it lighter and more convenient, the hearing aid price will be higher, of course, the higher price of the hearing aid may not be suitable for you. Hearing aids can be suitable for the user are the most important.

Q:How long does the hearing aid battery work?

A:The average operating time of the hearing aid battery is 7~10 days. Because each person uses in different conditions, the time will increase or decrease depending on the situation.

Q:How to maintain the hearing aid?

A:Generally speaking, hearing aids are not goods in the moisture and earwax situation. In order to prevent the hearing aid from being blocked by ear wax, the sound cannot be transmitted to the ear. Please return to the hearing aid center regularly. When not using the hearing aid, please place the hearing aid in a dry box. Please remember to remove it when taking a bath to prevent it from the moisture. If the machine goes into the water accidentally, do not use a hair dryer or other heating equipment to dry it. Please wipe the hearing aid and come back to the hearing aid center for maintain.