Hearing aid Q&A

Q:What is a hearing aid?

A:Hearing aid is a miniature electronic device that is mainly used to amplify hearing loss in hearing aids

Q:hearing aids type?

A:Normally there are three types of hearing aids:
Body-Worn hearing aid
The earliest invented hearing aid model looks like an MP3 multimedia music player and can be placed in a pocket. The sound output is sent to the headphone head through a headphone cable or a pair of earphones. The principle of the machine is similar to a more sophisticated amplifier.
Behind-The-Ear hearing aid
The fuselage is hung behind the ear, and the output of the sound is connected to the earbuds through a very thin tube, providing a louder sound gain. The machine can be adjusted and has a wide hearing range. It is suitable for those who are light, medium and heavy to very severe hearing loss.
In-The-Ear hearing aid
Small size, suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. The case is tailor-made for everyone's ear type.

Q:Can hearing aids restore hearing loss?

A:Hearing aids are machines that help with hearing loss. It cannot restore hearing loss. However, correct hearing aid wear can help nearly 80% of hearing to restore hearing.

Q:Will hearing aids become more and more serious?

A:If people with hearing loss do not wear hearing aids, there will be no sound in the ears and hearing loss will increase. Hearing aids will be purchased and adjusted based on hearing loss. Proper use of hearing aids does not make hearing worse and can improve hearing loss.

Q:Do you need binaural hearing aids?

A:In general, we recommend using binaural hearing aids. Wearing a unilateral hearing aid is too dependent on one ear of a hearing aid. If there is no sound stimulus for the other ear for a long time, the remaining hearing loss will gradually disappear, and the two ears can recognize the directionality and the sound is more three-dimensional and natural.

Q:Why are hearing aids so expensive?

A:The price of hearing aids ranges from a few NT$ thousand dollars to more than to NT$ 100,000 dollars. This is related to the brand and function of each hearing aid.
When you only need to hear the sound, the size of the machine, the level of noise, and the ease of use are not Requirements. Of course, you can choose a cheaper model, but if you need a hearing aid to do a variety of processing, the use of lightweight and convenient, relative hearing aid prices will be high. Of course, the right hearing aid is the most important of.

Q:How long can the hearing aid battery last?

A:Hearing aid battery 1 average use time is 1 week because each person's use situation is different, depending on the situation increase or decrease the time.

Q:How to maintain hearing aids?

A:In general, hearing aids are most afraid of dampness and ear wax. To prevent hearing aids from being blocked by earwax, sounds cannot be properly transmitted to the ear. We should return to hearing aid companies on a regular basis. In addition, when we do not use hearing aids, we will place the hearing aids in a dry box. Be sure to remove the hearing aid and prevent the hearing aid from getting wet. If you accidentally come into contact with water, do not use a hair dryer or other heating device to treat the hearing aid. You should return the hearing aid company to the maintenance personnel as soon as possible.