Hearing aid care and maintenance

▲ Avoid falling when using
▲ Hearing aid please use a dedicated battery
▲ Do not place batteries on children's easy access to avoid swallowing
▲ Regularly clean ears to avoid blockage of earwax, causing hearing aid malfunction
▲ When the hearing aid is not in use, remove the battery and keep it dry in the dry box
▲ Return to Hearing Aid Company for regular 3 months to check hearing aids and maintenance
▲ When washing your face and shampoo, remove the hearing aids first to avoid wet parts of the machine
▲ The storage period of the battery is 1 - 2 years, but the battery seal tears and the battery consumes power slowly when not in use
▲ When the hearing aid is not used for a long time, please remove the battery to avoid damage to the hearing aid due to battery leakage
▲ If the hearing aid encounters water or falls into water, do not turn on the switch or use a hair dryer to dry it and return it to the hearing aid company
▲ If there is a problem with the hearing aid, do not repair it yourself. Return to Hearing Aid Company for inspection by professional maintenance personnel