Hearing aid care and maintenance

▲ Avoid falling when using.
▲ Please use the original battery for hearing aids.
▲ Do not leave the battery in a place where children can easily get it out.
▲ Clean your ears regularly to avoid earwax blockage and cause hearing aid malfunction.
▲ Return to the hearing aid company regularly for 3 months to check the hearing aids and maintenance.
▲ When not using the hearing aid, take the battery out and put it in a dry box to keep it dry.
▲ When washing your face, first remove the hearing aid to avoid the parts from being wet and corroded.
▲ When the hearing aid is not used for a long time, please remove the battery to avoid damage to the hearing aid caused by battery leakage.
▲ The battery storage period is 1-2 years, but the battery seal is torn open, and the battery will consume power slowly.
▲ If there is a problem with the hearing aid, do not repair it yourself. Please go to the hearing aid center and checked by a professional maintenance engineer.
▲ If the hearing aid touches water or falls into the water, do not turn on the machine switch or use a blower to dry it. Remove the battery and have it repaired by us.
▲ In the process of service, we will provide you the best service. If you have any questions, please call us @+886-2-2314-4545
▲ The above are general precautions. More details, please refer to the instruction manual.